Baggage policy

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The airline allows one checked suitcase (up to 50 lbs./ 23 kg and up to 62″/ 158 cm) and one carry-on bag (up to 22 lbs./ 10 kg and up to 45″/ 115 cm) per passenger. All overweight, oversized and excess baggage will be charged additional and are checked subject to space available. FEES in USD – Subject to change – Please see for latest fee schedule
Excess baggage fee: $45 for up to 50 lb/ 23 kg, $60 for 51-70 lb/ 23-32 kg.
Overweight baggage fee: $15 for 51-100 lb/ 23-45 kg
Oversize baggage fee: $80 for larger than 62 in/ 158 cm and less than or equal to 90.5 in/ 230 cm.
Fees do not include IVA (tax) of 12% and are subject to change.

Airlines are required to spray the overhead compartments inside the aircraft with a special process after doors are closed and preparing for landing. This is considered a common procedure for flights bound to fragile island ecosystems that are susceptible to invasive species or viruses being accidentally transported to the islands