Wildlife Photographs You wont want to Leave the Galapagos Without

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Documenting your trip through the Galapagos with hundreds of photographs is part of the adventure. Don’t forget to pack some extra SD cards for your camera so you don’t run out of space to store them ,and come prepared with the wildlife and landscape shots you want to come home with.  Also, it’s always fun to have an underwater camera to document the playful sea lions and unique Galapagos Penguins swimming alongside you.

You will leave with hundreds of photos, but here are the top 10 that we think you won’t want to miss!

Feet of the Red Footed Booby

red footed booby

Hanging out with the sea lions on the beach

ERIC 2008 Steve Noble 024

Frigate Bird showing off his red pouch

Frigate Bird

The spikes on the Galapagos Iguana

Iguana head

Mating dance of the Blue Footed Boobies

Mark Downey 2009 066

The famous Galapagos Tortoise

096 Land Excursion

Swimming with sharks

088 Galapagos

Colorful Sally Lightfooted Crab

016 Land Excursion

Adorable Sea Lion Pup

An incredible sunset

DSC_1838 (2)

There are plenty more photo opportunities, you will leave with thousands of photos to go through when you return from the Galapagos Islands, but these are our top 10!

What was one of your favorite photos you came home with?