10 ways in which Ecoventura supports conservation

  1. Keeping tour groups to 10 people or less per guide, reducing potential environmental impacts and wildlife harassment.
  2. Hiring naturalist guides to help monitor and enforce park regulations
  3. Managing water and solid waste in an environmentally responsible manner.
  4. Maintaining the environmental certification SmartVoyager since 2000.
  5. Supporting locally managed projects that address conservation threats in the Marine Reserve.
  6. Supporting projects and hiring local people in sustainable tourism, reducing their dependency on over fishing and other extractive activities
  7. Providing scholarships to local children to study conservation education at the elementary, high school and college levels.
  8. Giving clients a reliable means of donating to local conservation projects
  9. Reduce fuel consumption by installation of high performance oil filters.
  10. Offsetting the carbon emissions of all tour boats and sales offices.